She Wants a Butch…He Wants a Fem

Even the strongest couples amid the swingers lifestyle can run into differences concerning their preferences when it comes to play time.

Fortunately, most of them can be worked out, including situations in which the couple wants an FFM threesome but their tastes in women varies tremendously.

It’s more common than you think, and it’s typically that she wants a butchy woman while he wants the ultra-hot fem.

Read on to explore some ways to find resolution acceptable for everyone.

Who’s Sleeping With Her Anyway?

In an FFM arrangement, there is initially no intention of the male engaging sexually with the other female, so his interest in her looks should be minimal at best.

Sure, he might like to see a hot woman with his partner, but isn’t swinging more about allowing our partner’s to fulfill their own fantasies rather than our own selfish needs? Men should give strong consideration to their partner’s acceptance of them sleeping with hot women, and let their lady choose her own passion.

Meet in the Middle

In this situation, both the man and woman in the relationship might be jumping the gun in determining who ‘their’ type is. Many couples who boldly delve into playing with a third that falls outside their categorical type are often surprised at how enjoyable the experience is and discover new doors for sensual fun opening.

Men may discover that they actually love seeing a ‘manly’ participant taking charge of their partner and are turned on even more than seeing a hottie with their woman. In turn, women who prefer masculine women may find that the sensuality offered by a sexy unicorn is more gratifying than they believed possible.

The bottom line, if you just can leap from one end of the spectrum of feminine to butch, consider heading for the middle row where the tomboyish ‘chapstick’ types of ladies are found. Just remember what the experience is all about, and most importantly what the swingers lifestyle is all about–being open to new experiences and acceptance.

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